Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the European Union citizens protected by the GDPR legal framework.

Pub Ocean considers the protection of Internet user data privacy to be of utmost importance, and adheres strictly to the data privacy laws of the European Union and United Kingdom.

Pub Ocean's web traffic measurement and analytics platform ("RTA") acts as a data processor on behalf of the publishers who installed the RTA tracker on their web sites.

No data to third parties

Pub Ocean RTA does not pass any data to third parties.

IP addresses

The IP address is sent with every request, so that the server knows where to send its responses. Each Internet user attains an IP address from an Internet service provider (ISP) as soon as they connect to the Internet. The ISP knows which IP addresses were used at which time and by which Internet user. The law requires that the ISP retains this information.

Pub Ocean does not store full IP Address. We use full IP address for geographic analysis (IP2Geo mapping). After the process is completed last octet of the IP address is set to zero.

The geographical analyses function via a database that contains the IP address information of various ISPs with the geographic location of the IP address included down to the city level. The individual address of the Internet user is unknown.

Cookies and Local Storage

Cookies and local storage that RTA sets are so-called "session cookies". These cookies (and local storage entries) do not cause any harm to the Internet user’s hard drive and do not contain any viruses. This data cannot be associated with individual people.

RTA uses the following cookies:

Disclaimer for Data Storage

To be excluded from tracking while on the websites that uses RTA, a cookie called rtaOptOut can be set from the domain

This exclusion from tracking is only good so long as the OptOut cookie is not deleted.

To prevent further tracking of your activity on RTA-operated websites, please click here:

Opt-out means that your device identifier (from cookie) will not be stored. The session data used for the measurement purposes will still be collected.

Data Protection Inquires

Your trust is important to us. If you have any questions regarding Data Privacy or our Data Privacy policy please get in touch with PubOcean Data Protection Team via

The following data is collected:

Last updated: 2018-05-24